Class 12th English Half yearly paper 2021 Download

Class 12th English Half yearly paper 2021 Download

Mp board Class 12th English Half yearly paper 2021 Download

Quarterly exam - 2021

               Class - 12

             विषय - English

Time - 2.30 घंटे           M.M. - 80

Notice :- 

1. All question are compulsory

2. Total marks question - 5 (1 mark each ) 32

3. Total marks question - 10 (2 marks each ) 20

4. Total marks question - 04 (3 marks each ) 16

5. Total marks question - 04 (4 marks each ) 16

6. Make neat and labelled diagram as per the requirement

There was an artist who had travelled far and wide and had and extensive reputation. But so far he had not achieved access to Krishna! As such he was anxious to seek approbation from lord Krishna as well. Luckily one day he got an appointment with Krishna. He met him and requested him to stay still, so that he could paint his picture. He prepared the outline and told Krishna that he would get ready with the final painting in a week's time. Krishna new the ego of the painter.

After a week the painter brought a finished portrait, covered with white cloth. When he uncover the painting, the painter himself was shocked to find the lake of similarity between Krishna and the painting. The painter was completely shaken and asked another week to get the job done. The painter tried several times but is time the result was equally disappointing. Incomplete frustration and total dejection, he wanted to leave the city and go away.

Before he left the chance upon says Narada. Narad told him that he was silly to attempt to paint the picture of lord Krishna. The load is no fixed form and he can change his face every second. Narad advised 'if you want to paint him, I will tell you a way which enable you to do so'. Narad whispered something into the ear of the artist. Following the advice given by Narad, the painter came back with a white cloth covering something and again approached Krishna and told him that this time, his welcome to change to any form. The painting under all circumstances will look exactly like him, when the cloth was removed, Krishna song only a mirror and this mirror produces an exact replica of Krishna. Therefore from this story we conclude that one can not imagine go to be in a particular. Neither can describe gold. Make your mind clear, clean and unbaised like a mirror, fillet with love and devotion; that itself will enable you to have a true vision of God.


(A)  What was the desire of the artist?

1. To meet lord Krishna.  

2. To seek his help.   

3. To paint is picture.  

4. All of this.

Ans- 3. To paint his picture.

(B) Lord Krishna tested the painter because:

He was very polite.  

    2. He was egoistic and arrogant. 

  3.He was very handsome. 

 4. He was very silly.

Ans- 2. He was egoistic and arrogant.

(C ) The the painter brought a finished painting of lord Krishna covered with-

White cloth.

Some fruits

Black cloth

None of the above

    Ans- 1. White cloth.

(D) Who helped the painter to paint the picture of lord Krishna? 

1. Sage Narayan

2. Sage Narada

3. Sage nandram Swami

4. None of the above

Ans- 2. Sage Narada

(E) How much time did the painter want to get ready for the picture?

One week

Two weeks

Three weeks

A month

Ans- 1. One week.

(F) select the correct alternative that is similar to word 'Proud'.





Ans- 3. Ego.

(G) find the opposite word 'cheering' in the given passage.





Ans- 2. Disappointing.

(H) verb form of word 'devotion'.





Ans- 2. Devotee.

(I) What did sage Narad tell the artist?

Ans- Narada told the artist that he was silly to attempt to paint the picture of lord Krishna. The lord has no fixed form and he can change his face every second

(J) what is the conclusion of given passage?

Q.2 read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it:

The behaviour of plastics when heated provides the basis for the distinction between the two main classes of plastic available today. This two groups of plastics include thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics. The first group consists of plastic that soft and when heated and become rigid when cooled again. Infact, with further heating and cooling this plastics can be made to change their shape repeatedly. This is due to the fact that only week bonding is present between neighbouring molecules and when warm, the molecules slide very easily past one another. Polythene, PVC, nylon and perspex example of thermoplastics.

Thermosetting plastics, on the other hand, become rigid on further heating and cannot be soft and again. Dysplastic consists of polymer chains that react with one another at points of contact so that they become strongly linked together in three-dimensions. Intermolecular bonds prevent the relative movement of original change. Example of thermosetting plastic are bakelite and melamine.


Make notes in points from the given passage,using abbreviation, where necessary and supply a suitable title also.



The behaviour of plastics when heated provides the basis for the distinction.

Two groups of plastic include thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics.

Plastic can be made to change their shape repeatedly.

Example of thermoplastics-

i. Polythene   ii. PVC iii. Nylon    iv.Perspex

     5. Plastic consist of polymer change their trade with one another eight points of contact.

    6. Example of thermosetting plastic-

  i. Bakelite   ii.Melemine

(b) Title Plastics.

Write a summary of the above passage in about 60 words.

Summary: the behaviour of plastics when heated provide the basic for the distinction between two main classes of plastics. This plastic consists of polymer chain the react with one another eight points of plastics.

Q.3 write a newspaper report to be published in a newspaper giving the detailed account of inauguration ceremony of annual function held in your school, using the following details.

Name of the event, location,date,time,place, chief guest, guest of honour and chairman of the function,welcome address,floral welcome,speeches by the guests,vote of thanks.


Annual Function in School Auditorium

-by Manish Aggarwal

Kamla girl's school, March06, 2020: our school organised annual function on 9th January. It was inaugurated by our ex-principal,Mohan Das. This program was started with Rabindra Sangeet which was sang by a student of class 12th.

Then prices were distributed among the toppers. Some students of class 5th and 6th performed classical dance. This program in that with the speech delivered by principal.

Q.4 using the following inputs produce a write up on the ''Importance of English'' in about 150-200 words. International language, invention of internet, language of trade, commerce, higher technical and scientific studies, communication round the globe, means of earning livelihood.


Importance of English:

English is very important in our life. It is necessary for student for list of it is invention of internet. It is also language of trade because when we start any business in other country so we need to communicate with this language. It is a medium of understanding in study of science and technology. In trade, commerce, higher technical and scientific studies it is widely used as communication around the globe. With this knowledge a person can and his livelihood. It is also a source of earning. Many people are earning money by  teaching this language. English is one of the most effective instrument of expansion. So we can say that it is very easy and comfortable language to speak,to teac,to learn.

Q.5 You are Manish Shukla. Write a letter to your friend Vivek to congratulate him on his brilliant success in H.S.S examination 2019.


Q.6 pollution problem. Write an essay (about 250 words)


Q.7 fill in the blanks with the help of correct alternative given in the brackets:

 Iron is…….useful metal.

a.  (B)an.  (C)the. (D) none.

Ans- a.

2. He has hardly…. money.  (Some/any)

Ans- any.

3. I am used to…..queues.(wait/waiting/waited)

Ans- Waiting.

4. He is good…..English.(in/of/at)

Ans- In.

5. Cotton is in….. Egypt. (growing/grown/grow).

Ans-  grown.

Q.8 read the following extracts from poem and answer the question given below:

''This life is sweetest; in this wood

I hear no children cry for food;

I see no women,white with care;

No man, with muscles resting here.''


What is the same meaning of word ''shout''.

(i)Hear. (ii)Care. (iii)Cry. (iv)See


What is the opposite of word ''sourest''?


(ii) sweetest.

(iii) Happiest.

(iv) Sweeter.

Ans- (ii) Sweetest.

(C) Give the name of the poem.

Ans-''In the country''.

Q.9 justify the title 'The fun they had'.

Answer- The title ''The Fun They Had'' is appropriate. The children of the future as tightly and individually at home by a mechanical teacher. They find an old book from which they learnt that how the school of past were different. All the children go to a common school laughing and enjoying. They were told by a man human teacher. They must be enjoying their life at school having a lot of fun that is missing from their school life which is true sense is not a school life.

Q.10 summarise the poem ''we are the future'' in about 80 words.

Ans- According to the poet ''We we are the future of this nation'' no single person I,he or she but we together to build. We have the power to face every challenge, we young men and women can come together to build the nation from different cities. Piston by the nation is creed and we are proud to be Indians


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