Mp Board Class 9th English Trimasik paper 2023-24|एमपी बोर्ड कक्षा नवी त्रैमासिक पेपर 2023-24

Mp Board Class 9th English Trimasik paper 2023-24|एमपी बोर्ड कक्षा नवी त्रैमासिक पेपर 2023-24

Mp Board Class 9th English Trimasik paper 2023-24|एमपी बोर्ड कक्षा नवी त्रैमासिक पेपर 2023-24


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हेलो दोस्तों एक बार फिर से स्वागत है आपका हमारी इस वेबसाइट पर जिसमें हम आपको एमपी बोर्ड त्रैमासिक परीक्षा 2023-24 के सभी विषयों के पेपर तथा सभी कक्षाओं के कक्षा 9, कक्षा 10, कक्षा 11 तथा कक्षा 12वी के पेपर आपको प्रदान करेंगे तो इस पोस्ट को अंत तक जरूर पढ़ें।

MP board class 9th English Trimasik paper 2023-24

सभी विद्यार्थियों के लिए त्रैमासिक परीक्षा का आयोजन सितंबर महीने में किया जा रहा है।MP board class 9th English Trimasik paper 2023-24 की तैयारी के लिए सभी विद्यार्थियों को हमने इंपोर्टेंट प्रश्न प्रोवाइड कराए हैं। इस बार आपकी MP board class 9th hindi Trimasik paper 2023-24 परीक्षाओं का टाइम टेबल जारी कर दिया गया है। कक्षा नवी त्रैमासिक परीक्षा टाइम टेबल 2023 को ऑफिस वेबसाइट के माध्यम से डाउनलोड कर पाएंगे

MP Board class 10th English trimasik paper 2023-24  overview

Article titleMP Board Class 9 English Trimasik Paper 2022-2023
Exam nameTrimasik exam 2022-2023
Trimasik exam dateComing soon
CategoryTrimasik papers

MP Board class 9th English trimasik paper pattern download 2023-23

त्रैमासिक परीक्षा की तैयारी करने के लिए सभी छात्रों को यह जानना बेहद आवश्यक है कि उनका पाठ्यक्रम कितना पूछा जाएगा  MP Board class 9th English trimasik paper pattern download 2023-23 डाउनलोड करने के लिए  पोस्ट में बताए गए लिंक को देखे। एमपी बोर्ड क्लास नवी English त्रैमासिक पेपर सिलेबस डाउनलोड 2023 करने के लिए नीचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करें। अगर आप मध्य प्रदेश में कक्षा नवी की त्रैमासिक पेपर देना चाहते हैं तो यहां पर आपको MP Board class 9th English trimaasik paper 2023 ki Sabhi क्वेश्चन पेपर देखने को मिलेंगे।

nstructions —


(1) All questions are compulsory.

(2) Marks of questions are given against them.

 SECTION-A (Reading)

Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below                               [1x5=5]


One day, a man was walking through a desert. After sometime, he became thirsty. He found a tree nearby. He sat under the tree. "Oh, there is no water anywhere!" he thought. Suddenly, a tumbler fül of cold water came in front of him. The' tráveller was happy and drank the water. After a few minutes, the traveller thought, "Oh, I

have nothing to eatl" Suddenly, a basket full of fruits appeared before him.The traveller ate happily. He thanked the tree and continued his journey.


(1) Where was the man walking?

(2) What did he find?

(3) How did the traveller feel when he got a tumbler full of cold water?

(4) Who gave fruits to the traveller?

(5) What did the traveller do before continuing on his journey?

Q.2. Head the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below                                  [1x5-5]

Once a lion went to a river to drink water. At the same time, a big elephant also came there. "I will drink water first," growled the lion.The elephant replied, "No, I was here first, so Iwill drink first." The lion shouted, "| have sharp teeth! Be carefull" The elephant also shouted, "I am stronger than you." 

Just then they heard some noise. Some hyenas were coming closer.Both the lion and the elephant became scared. The lion said, "The hyenas come when an animal dies. If we fight and I kill you, or you kill me, the hyenas will be happy." The elephant agreed, "You are right. Let's not fight." Both the lion and the elephant drank water at the same time and went away.

Questions -

(1) Where did the lion go to drink water?

(2) Who else was there to drink water?

(3) Who had sharp teeth?

(4) Who was stronger?

(5) What scared both the lion and the elephant?

SECTION-B (Writing)

Q.3. Read the tollowing passage and make notes on it and also give a

suitable title to it -                            [4]

When planning to go on a vacation, the tendency is to make sure that the travel plans are hassle free, before stepping out of one's doors. This involves booking by train, bus or even by air to one's chosen

destination. Yet the greatest holidays can be enjoyed by going on foot and I

am not referring to trekking expeditions into the wilds. Any holiday can be made into a walking trip by opting out of a bus ride or a train journey or a taxi drop, by selecting to go on foot. Besides, walking is a great form of exercise and, above all, helps you to go deep into the local culture, the daily lives of people, their food and

their music. Walking helps you enhance the adventurous streak in you. If you are out on a beach holiday, instead of workouts at the gym, head out to the water for your exercise. Resort pools are a great way to have fun and stay fit and are suitable for all ages. Wake up early to start your day with a swim and you can also recruit family and friends to join in to make the activity even more interesting.

Q.4. Write an application to the principal of your school asking three days leave as you are il.                                                [4]


You are Pawan Mishra, write a letter to your friend Deepak Verma inviting him to attend your younger brother's birthday party. 

Q.5. Write about your family. You may write about your parents, brothers, sisters or other relatives who live with you.    [5]


Write about any festivals in your own words.

Q.6. On the basis of the picture given below, describe how we can Ketp.      Ourselves fit and healthy? (In about 75 words).                                                  [3]

                SECTION-C (Grammar)

Q.7. Fill in the blanks choosing the correct alternative given in the brackets-(Any five).                      [1x5-5]

(1) The word 'wax' rhymes with……...      (text,   axe, next)

(2) Republic Day is celebrated……..... January 26. (in, on, at)

(3) Many people consider Asoka as one of the ……… rulers of India. (great, greatest, greater)

(4) The exams……... start next week. (will, shall, are)

(5) The plant……….. a tree and fruits grew on it. (become, became, come)

(6) Therainy season starts. ............ the summer. (after, before, for)

Q.8 Do as'direcied(any five).       [1x5=5]

(1) wild ive / a in / animals forest. (Rearrange and make meaningful sentence)

(2) He teaches English. (Change into negative)

(3) The teachers are preparing the stage for a dance competition. (Change into past continuous tense)

(4) The students are going to thie fort. The fort was built in the 14th century. (Combine using which')

(5) She studies Maths, Hindi and English at school. (Make question using 'what)

(6) Ravi and Radha loved dogs but their neighbours…………... dogs. (OComplete the sentence with the opposite of the underlined word)

Q.9 Read the following poem and answer the questions given below – [4]

I was in the jungle Isaw a funny thing

A monkey had a mobile and it began to ring

It had a music ringtone and he began to jig

Dancing in the trees like he was at gig

He was very happy as he danced away

Having lots of fun in his monkey way


(1) Where did the poet see a monkey?

(2) What did the monkey have in his hand?

(3) What did the mobile have?

(4) What was the monkey way of having fun?

Q.10 Match the singular words with their plurals –

     Singular words.     Plural words 

      (1) Shelf                      (a) Women

      (2) Knife                      (b) Leaves

      (3) Leaf                       (c) Knives

      (4) Woman                  (d) Children

      (5) Child                      (e) Shelves

                                          (f ) Men

Q.11 Complete the following sentences about India by using the most appropriate words from the box-      [5]


(1). Madhya Pradesh is the second ……… state in India.

(2). K2 (Godwin - Austin) is the ………... mountain in India.

(3). Marina, with around 13 kms, is the…….... beach in India.

(4). Mawsynram in the state of Meghalaya is the ............ place in the world.

(5). Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh is one of the ............ cities in the world.

tallest, longest, largest, oldest, wettest

Q.12 Match the following with their correct meaning.                           [5]




(1) Cobbler

(a) a person who teaches

(2) Nurse

(6) a person who gives ,                          judgement

(3) Judge

(c) a person who takes care of sick

(4) Teacher

(d) a person who fits and repairs the pipes

(5) Plumber

(e) a person who mends shoes

SECTION-D (Textbook)

Q.13 Answer the rolowing questions– [6]


(1) What did Tommy find?

(a) An old book with yellow crinkly pages

(b) A tele book

(c) A brand-new book

(d) A diary

(2) What is the dilemma of the- poet in the poem The Road Not Taken'?

(a) Whether he will be able to come back to the second road or not

(b) Whether he will get time for himself

(c) Whether he will be successful

(d) Whether he will be able to walk

(3) Which award was given to Evelyn in 1991?

(a) Painter of the year

(6) Teacher of the year

(c) Soloist of the year

(d) Student of the year

(4) Where did Bismillah play the Shehnai on 15th August 1947?

(a) Ganga Ghat

(b) Banaras

(c) Red Fort

(d) Montreal

(5) What did the grandmother give to Kezia when she was sobbing?

(a) A clean hanky

(b) A chocolate

(c) An ice-cream

(d) A toy

(6) Who breaks the shutters of the window?

(a) Children

(b) A boy

(C) A naughty boy

(d) Win


Q.14 Answerthe following questions from Beehive in about 30 words.- (any four) [8]                                           

(1) What did Margie write in her diary? (The Fun They Had)

(2) How did Evelyn hear music?

(3) In which subject was Margie failing repeatedly?

(4) Who helped Evelyn to continue with music? What did he do and say?

(5) Who were the people in Kezia's family?

(6) What gift did Kezia prepare for her father?

Q.15 Answer the following questions from the poetry in about 30 words

(any two).                                           [4]

(1) Where does the traveller find himself? What problem does he face? (The Road Not Taken)

(2) How does the poet want the wind to come? (Wind)

(3) What do yellow woods represent? (The Road Not Taken)

Q.16 Answerthe following questions from Moments in about 30 words 

any one)                                            [2]

What are the things the child sees on his way to the fair? (The Lost Child)     


When does the child realise that he has lost his way? (The Lost Child)   

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